Date: Thursday 27th January 2022

The Pyramid Newspaper Online (ISSN: 1116 - 9516)


(RC: 229,192)

What we are: The PYRAMID newspaper started out as a Kano based publication, beginning with a weekly tabloid, WEEKLY PYRAMID, a tabloid early 1993, at its first office, on Dage-Dage Supermarket block by Tal-Udu Junction on Aminu Kano Way, Goron-Dutse road. It was first published by GWANGWAZO VENTURES LIMITED. 

Later Weekly PYRAMID Founder and Publisher Malam Muhammadu Kabiru M. Gwangwazo set up PYRAMID MEDIA LIMITED which took it over. 

At take off, the PYRAMID, took up the famous Kano Groundut Pyramids as its logo, first symbolically as an abstract image and later the very image of the Groundnut Pyramids. The principal focus was to report Kano, and its neighboring states of the North, the broader Nigerian state and the world in expanding concentric circles. It was meant to tell the people of Kano, the North, the nation and the world all that matters and makes news. 

Publisher/CEO Malam Muhammadu Kabiru M. Gwangwazo (KMG) is a Kano based Journalist. He started out as a journalist in 1981 at Radio Kano and later served at the State Television, CTV 67 (now Abubakar Rimi Television, ARTV) from 1982. From 1985 to 1993 he was a journalist at The Triumph, Gidan Sa'adu Zungur, Kano. He has also served the BBC world Service Hausa section. He holds a Master of Arts Degree in Journalism from University of Wales, Cardiff in the United Kingdom. He left Triumph as editor in April 1993 and returned to The Triumph in June 2011 as Managing Director and Editor-in-chief of The Triumph Publishing Company. 

Malam Kabiru Muhammad Gwangwazo from Kano Municipal is also an active politician. He was active in the radically progressive Santsi Rimi faction of the PRP, the NPP, the PSP, SDP, DPN, ACN, APP, ANPP and APC. He was state chairman of the ANPP from 2003 to 2004 when the ANPP wrestled power from incumbent PDP Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso for Malam Ibrahim Shekarau. He was in 1996 elected chairman of the Kano city local government, Kano Municipal Council, on "Zero-Party" basis.

Malam Kabiru Muhammad Gwangwazo now runs the PYRAMID as an online publication from PYRAMID MEDIA Offices at AMMA House, adjacent to the National Hospital in the Central Business District of the Federal Capital, Abuja. The Pyramid Kano Offices are at Flat No. 9 GREEN & WHITE PLAZA, Dankura Road, Gandun - Albasa by Zoo Road, with a Liaison Office at EARMARK Investment & Properties Office Block, Plot 125/127., Opposite ARTV/CTV, Hotoro, Maiduguri Road. The Pyramid online publication now active returned as a dedicated online publication since November, 2016. 

As was its initial purpose since 1993 it aims to report all that is of importance to the people of Kano and the North, in particular and to the broader Nigerian community in expanding concentric circles. 

The religion, the culture, the economy and politics of the people of our core catchment area are its key areas of interest. The Pyramid hopes to be the one stop medium of all who need to know what concerns our core area of the North, from Kano to the whole of the North. 

The publication aims to not only report but analyse and interpret the news putting it in proper context, even as news. Because news is not valueless. Every culture, every community report and are reported on the basis of their values. Reportage is thus seen from the prism and lenses of the reported and the reporter 

During the test run period, and indeed beyond, the Pyramid newspaper may cull and copy from other news sources. The publication may publish directly sourced items "as is" from all sources considered of interest to the core zones considered its catchment areas. But always with the said clearly stated focus here, of speaking for the Pyramid Community, with Kano as anchor. 

We expect and will canvass for patronage in advertising and related areas from all who care about the zone. And those who need to speak to the zone. We pledge to, God willing do our best to also report, to comment and to analyse all issues with decency, decorum and honour. We cherish all the values of Godliness, honesty, integrity, selflessness and hard work that are associated with and renowned of peoples of the core zones of the Pyramid. 

Conscious of the reality that while everyone is busy blowing his own trumpet we feel obligated to join fellow communicators to blow our own people's trumpet much like the Late Premier of the Northern Region Sardauna Ahmadu Bello exhorted at the launch of the New Nigerian Newspapers shortly before he was martyred in the brutal and bloody putsch of January 15,1965 led by the infamous Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu and other enemies of the Nigerian nation. 

We are open to views and opinions, to advise and suggestions to further the cause of nation building with the clear understanding that each component community in the Nigerian nation is distinct from every other; and that an understanding and appreciation of each other's difference is the building block that is needed to ensure sustainable nationhood and development. We hope and pray we shall in this phase of the PYRAMID impact positively on such an understanding for the good of our people and the nation at large. 
So help us, Allah, Lord of Mercy, Lord of all the Worlds and what lie therein, The Lord of Our Leader and Benefactor, Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, Salutations, Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him and all his progeny and those who follow his path to the Last Day 

Kabiru Muhammad Gwangwazo
 also runs 
a personal blog, named KMG//Random sampling

Letter to You, Our Esteemed Patrons . .

Re-introducing The Pyramid Newspaper

I write to formally reintroduce The Pyramid (issn: 1116 - 9516) newspaper and draw your esteemed attention to it, as a respected and valuable partner in pursuit of the causes the publication stands for.
You may recall we started out as a weekly tabloid, "Weekly Pyramid" from the heart of Kano city in early 1993.
Following developments in the media industry and the polity I am pleased to announce we are back, with the same zeal and mission of promoting and projecting all that matters to the people of Kano, Jigawa and allied States of the North and the broader Nigerian nation.

At The Pyramid (issn: 1116 - 9516) we are dedicated to providing quality content. Our immediate constituency, your constituency, is the focus of our attention. We are interested in all that makes news, all that excites our people. We aim to be a one-stop medium that should serve all of your needs and the needs of our constituency, your constituency.

For us, truth, justice and fairness are key in all we present. No matter who is involved, we shall give ample right to reply, plus a balanced presentation in all that we publish. We consider the role of the media as sacrosanct. Such that though addressed as the Fourth Estate of the Realm the mass media and journalism actually are the First Estate of the Realm, in all but name. In the modern world whosoever controls what the people hear, and get to know of, actually controls the world. That is why this Realm cannot be left to chance. That is why we offer you our services and the opportunity to be part of our odyssey.

It is my hope and prayer we shall have a mutually beneficial relationship enhanced by any and all forms of patronage. You are aware, the trend of communication on a mass basis has moved away from print to internet and multimedia platforms on the world-wide-web, the internet.

In fact prominent media outlets of international repute such as The Independent newspaper of London, one of the most influential media platforms in the world today has phased out its print editions last year, after less than three decades of operations. It is projected that within the next two decades all print editions of most serious newspapers will become extinct, as already the experiment of a mix of both electronic and print platforms has caught on beyond imagination, even in advertising and sponsored content with such outlets as ours proving more impactful than the traditional print dinosaurs.

Where a print edition sells an advert for a day (of less than 24 hours) at prohibitive costs, online newspapers have a much longer lifespan, generally beginning with a week and possibly more for less. With loads more impact too. The move to digital internet media is an obvious and logical development as the world demographics moves to a younger and more laid back, internet savvy and digital populace.

The unfortunate Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID19) pandemic which forced a total lockdown across the globe has confirmed the primacy of the internet's virtual space and social media platforms as the decisive leaders in communications and dissemination of information. The PYRAMID Newspaper Online ( is already on course reaching out directly and effortlessly to the consumer in its target area. For those we are engaged with this is a period of reaffirmation that our choices, transiting to the next level, leaving old forms of print newspapering was a decision blessed..

I expect, you will explore the opportunities we provide to place news and related items and notifications with us. Your adverts and sponsored content including classifieds have the potential of reaching the farthest reaches of the universe, and of course your own target audience.

I look forward to a formal meeting and concretisation of your outreach plans through The Pyramid, your own made-to-order and preferred modern media outlet.

Appended here is a sketch of our Adverts Rates for your information, attention and kind consideration.

Please accept the assurances of my highest esteem 


Muhammadu Kabiru M. GWANGWAZO


The Pyramid (ISSN: 1116 - 9516)

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