Date: Sunday 26th September 2021

AMAECHI: The Quintessential Leader and his endless persecution

AMAECHI: The Quintessential Leader and his endless persecution  

By EZE CHUKWUEMEKA EZE,, 08038199163

Today, in the politics of Nigeria, the only major assignment of most politicians as they strategise for the 2019 general elections is how to either castigate or fabricate lies to run down Rt. Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the erstwhile governor of Rivers State and incumbent Minister of Transportation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. If they are not doing this, these misguided politicians are busy on how to ensure that his political structure is dismantled. Today, in the politics of our country, Amaechi stands out as one of the most vilified, persecuted and harassed politician in the history of our country. As a concerned Nigerian and one who has followed religiously the politics of this enigma and misunderstood leader of our time, it behoves on me to attempt to x-ray some of these travails and current strategy being explored to ensure the irrelevance of this man come 2019. Sadly, this is a man that ought to be celebrated for freeing Nigeria and Nigerians from the calamitous shackles of an administration that trades more in the arts and acts of looting of our common patrimony with impunity, instead, he is being vilified by those who would have preferred the promotion and sustenance of an administration that would have collapsed this country by now. 

Some of the facts on how Amaechi suffers in the hands of these politicians are presented below for you the reader to judge:-

When it was very obvious that Amaechi has nothing to do with the $43 million discovered by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in a luxurious apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos State, the soon to be rested Ahmed Makarfi led Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) faction and her sponsors, in order to create sensation, they have to link Amaechi to the ownership of the said sum. Through her agents, Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State, Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State and former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode who went to town shouting themselves hoarse to their shame and bewilderment of Nigerians that the fund not only belongs to Amaechi, that Amaechi is the owner of the said luxurious apartment. Governor Wike went to a ridiculous level by alleging that the sum was Rivers State Government fund looted by Amaechi when he was in office as Governor of the state. He threatened to sue the Federal Government, if it fails to return the money to the coffers of the Rivers State Government within two weeks. He claimed that he has documents to prove that the said sum belongs to Rivers State. It is now over a month after this threat; Wike is yet to sue the Federal Government in this regard.

The fact remains and it is on record that, apart from the Abuja residence of Amaechi, he has no other single plot of land in any part of this country, so linking him to the ownership of the contentious Ikoyi estate and the huge sum found in it is nothing but an invidious plot to give a dog a bad name in order to hang it. It is sad and shameful that a frustrated and disgraceful group, with Wike and Fayose as the key actors, should attempt to tarnish the hard-earned reputation of Amaechi just because he collaborated with other patriotic Nigerians to oust a regime that is now exposed as the most corrupt ever in the history of Nigeria. 

Recently, Mr Felix Obuah, State chairman of the soon to be rested PDP faction issued a statement celebrating a phantom court judgment authorising the Rivers State Government to go ahead to set up a judicial commission to probe some aspects of the administration of Amaechi during his tenure as governor of Rivers State. Mr. Felix Obuah who was once saved from the pangs of death by Amaechi derives much pleasure these days in carrying out his master-task of ridiculing Amaechi and calling for his sack from the Federal Executive Council of Nigeria. 

Recently also, these enemies of democracy have taken their trade to another level are currently strategising on how to dismantle all the political structures belonging to Amaechi. In this regard, they have engineered divisions in the Rivers State All Progressives Congress (APC) to ensure that the party is not united, strong, and viable to salvage the state from the hands of those that have turned the state into ‘Rivers of blood’. Today, the only thing we hear from Rivers State is Amaechi’s faction, Abe’s faction, Dakuku’s faction and, maybe, by tomorrow they will come up with Eze’s faction. Let me state without equivocation that Rivers State APC is one united family under the able leadership of Rt. Hon Amaechi as its leader as the factions only exist in the minds of those who want the continuous killing of our people with impunity. All these lies and attempts of a divided Rivers APC are aimed at setting confusion in the party that is being restructured and positioned as one egalitarian, viable, virile and credible structure to salvage the state from the hands of those whose only source and means of leadership is the ceaseless and senseless killing of Rivers State people.

It may interest you, dear reader, to know that all these desperate, mischievous, wicked, diabolical, evil attempts are aimed to run down an innocent man, whose only crime is that he led APC to defeat a party that prides itself as the largest political party in Africa. It is very sad and unfortunate that over two years that Amaechi led APC to dust PDP in the 2015 general elections; the soon to be rested PDP factional leadership has refused to forgive Amaechi for disgracing them out of power and salvaging our nation from a system whose corruptive tendency is not only contagious but legendary. 

Let me state that this group not only is deadly but is ever ready and capable to do anything in order to ridicule, rubbish and bring Amaechi down including praying for the death of President Muhammadu Buhari if that will enable them get at Amaechi as soon as possible but they seem to forgot that they are not God who assisted Nigerians to elect Buhari as the President of Nigeria and that this God is very capable not only to protect but secure the life of Mr. President until it is his time for him to join his ancestors. Even as we know that the efforts and schemes of this group will amount to an exercise in futility if the spiritual meanings of Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi are anything to go by - Chibuike means “God is all Powerful and “Rotimi” an abridged version of “Oluwadurotimi” meaning “the Lord stands by me”, while Amaechi means “who knows tomorrow?”.

Let me state that I intend in this treatise after formally presenting to you the reader the person and personality of Amaechi attempt to expose other steps both past and present this group has adopted in their single mission of destroying Amaechi and then leave you the reader to take your own stand.

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