Date: Sunday 26th September 2021

TETFUND: Prof. Bogoro’s Revolution & Buhari’s Next Level Agenda
TETFund: Bogoro’s revolution and PMB’s next level agenda
By Fatai Ibrahim 
“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined for yourself.” – Henry David Thoreau.
Prof. Suleiman Elias Bogoro is a dreamer who dreams big. Better still, he is a goal-getter, and will stop at nothing to realise his dream once he’s dreamt one.
Bogoro had the positive dream of taking TETFund to the next level, placing it at the top level and making it a world beater and he has never, never relented in his passionate and patriotic pursuit to  propel TETFund to that level Nigeria and Nigerians desire.
Of course there is wisdom in the words of Laura Ingalls Wilder that: “No one has ever achieved anything from the smallest to the greatest, unless the dream was dreamed first.”
Interestingly, TETFund under Prof. Bogoro has become an international brand with numbers of African countries heading to Nigeria to study this trail-blazing organisation and replicating same in their respective countries. TETFund has effectively re-focused to revive Tertiary Education in Nigeria. Under his visionary and dynamic leadership, TETFund has continued to introduce innovative programmes and projects targeted at improving facilities and academic staff development for Nigeria’s desired growth and all within the legislative act that established the TETFund.
A man with a defined mission and clear vision, like the late foremost American Human Rights activist, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. whose vision and dream led to the liberation of the black race from slavery, as well as became the vanguard for a just and egalitarian society. It was Prof. Bogoro who once said: “I have a dream to make TETFund a world-class institution where basic infrastructure in all tertiary institutions in Nigeria will be a thing of pride to the nation’s education sector and in the comity of nations.” And the indefatigable Prof. Bogoro has not looked back since then and doesn’t appear to relent at all.
“When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself a public property,” according to Thomas Jefferson. Trust itself is a burden Prof. Bogoro has consistently pledged transparent and effective management of TETFund. The fact that President Muhammadu Buhari reinstated the erudite scholar to the saddle as Executive Secretary of TETFund speaks volumes about trust and the qualities that go with leadership as seen in the warm reception he received from TETFund staff when he arrived at the office premises on the day he went to resume duty as chief executive following his reinstatement.
His unprecedented re-instatement is such a rare occurrence and, as a man who attaches so much to trust, he has promised not to let President Buhari (GCFR) down with the promise to take TETFund to the desired next level and acceptable global standard and level.
Prof. Bogoro had encomium showered on him by Prof. Rotgak Gofwen, President of Gindri Old Students Association (GOSA) Plateau State during the recent courtesy call the association paid on TETFund, describing him (Bogoro) as ‘a worthy ambassador of light and truth.’ Prof. Rotgak said the TETFund boss’ humble antecedents as a dutiful man of integrity who is dedicated to service, has finally vindicated him and prayed for God’s guidance and divine wisdom for Bogoro to take TETfund to the next level.
As a man who wants to leave his imprints on the sands of time, the
TETFund Alta ego (directing mind) agrees with the duo of Benjamin Franklin and Malcolm Forbes who respectively believe that “an investment in education pays the best interest” and “the purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” In view of this, TETFund is strategising in the main areas of its intervention (physical infrastructure as well as academic content). I
t is heartwarming to learn that TETFund trained 13, 000 lecturers abroad with higher degrees in Prof. Bogoro’s first stint alone in office, which ultimate aim is to strengthen Nigeria’s education system and reverse the trend of Nigerian parents sending their children to countries that do not have better universities than Nigeria.
The academic content in this regard includes the TETFund Scholarship for Academic Staff (TSAS), Conference Attendance and Research components among others. Passionate about research and realising Nigeria’s critical need for development, Prof. Bogoro established the Research and Development Department (R&D) towards ensuring that Nigeria moves from basic to applied research. The Executive Secretary enthused: “Many lecturers in our public tertiary institutions have benefited from the academic scholarship programmes and now lecture in the universities, polytechnic and Colleges of Education across Nigeria.”
Like Ceaser’s wife, who must always be above board Prof. Suleiman believes anybody holding public office and position must be above board if he must deliver success, when he asserted and vouched for day to day running of TETFund as an organisation when he said:
“Yes, it is true that TETFund is now considered a model, a successful
government agency living up to expectations of the public. I can tell
you there are reasons behind the success of TETFund. One, we try to
ensure that, there is fiscal frugality. Today TETFund is about the only Federal Public Agency that has made public its audited accounts; there is transparency.
Two, in TETFund, we never give nor allocate projects without cash backing. If there is no money, we will not issue
out contracts. Also, because we have our implementation mechanism, our projects are such that we do not have failed projects. We have proudly said that, we do not have failed projects in TETFund and I must say this, without fear of contradiction!”
Bogoro, full of joy and ecstasy on his re-instatement by Mr. President said: “I struggled with tears, when I resumed work as Executive Secretary TETFund but in addition appreciate the staff for welcoming me back with open arms’’ as he continues to do what he knows best – trying to attain excellence in providing necessary intervention to public tertiary intuitions.

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