Date: Sunday 20th June 2021

Georgia’s New Voter’s rules: Civil Society Groups file Federal Law Suit

Georgia’s New Voter’s rules:

Civil Society Groups file Federal Law Suit

. . . Claim Republican Party-backed Law to block blacks


A coalition of civil rights groups has filed a federal lawsuit challenging Georgia's sweeping new voting restrictions, arguing that the Republican-backed law is intended to make it harder for people – particularly Black voters – to cast ballots.

 Justice Department examining Georgia law

 U.S. voting tech company sues Fox News for $1.6 billion over election-fraud claims

 Conservative news outlets, accused of election falsehoods, air disclaimers

The civil rights groups filed as a result of sweeping new restrictions imposed by the US State of Georgia, according to a Reuters news report.

Georgia has enacted broad voting restrictions championed by Republicans that activists say aim to curtail the influence of Black voters. The Georgia law will make it a misdemeanor crime to give food or drinks to voters waiting in long lines.

When Mike Lindell appeared on Newsmax and launched into a baseless conspiracy theory about election fraud, an anchor for the cable network told viewers that the My Pillow founder’s claims were unsubstantiated and unverified. We look at the new trend in conservative media - prepared disclaimers.

In other Reuters stories (Thursday 25th March 2021) the U.S. Supreme Court will today discuss taking up a major new gun rights case involving a National Rifle Association-backed challenge to a New York state law that restricts the ability of residents to carry concealed handguns in public.

President Joe Biden vowed to push China to play by international rules, criticized his Republican opponents and defended his policy to provide shelter to children crossing the U.S. border from Mexico at his first solo news conference since taking office.

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