Date: Sunday 26th September 2021

PRP rejects cancellation of the National Minimum Wage

PRP rejects cancellation of the National Minimum Wage 

by Bashir Bello

in Abuja 

The People’s Redemption Party (PRP) has frowned at the mooted plan by the federal government to transfer the fixing of the Minimum Wage to State Governments.

It made its position clear in a communiqué issued after a meeting of its National Working Committee (also known as the National Directorate) recently in Abuja, Saturday (20/03/2021).

The Party rejected the plan which it described as unacceptable to the PRP and the poor Nigerian Worker whose take home pay as it stood was barely enough to take him home and considering the hyper-inflationary state of the economy. The poor worker watches as his or her fixed income was consumed, not by the family needs, but by inflation and the burden of excessive taxation. To transfer the burden of fixing minimum wage to the discretion of state governments would place the worker in a more precarious position than he was before.

“The PRP believes in social justice and was convinced that the Nigerian State was well endowed enough and must not leave workers to the mercies of their States and Local Governments” it stated.

Furthermore, The Party has called on the government to stop from unnecessary distractions in the polity and instead concentrate on its primary responsibilities of protecting life and property of its citizenry by addressing insecurity and rising violence that have murdered sleep for most Nigerians.

It called on all well-meaning patriots, nationalists and progressives to rally round the PRP to build a platform that will pull Nigeria back from the brink as all other options had clearly failed while pledging that it would continue on the trajectory of progress and “pledged that PRP will continue on the trajectory and path of progress and nationalist people-centered fervor and Democratic Humanist stance that its recorded history in the states it held sway prove.”

The meeting was attended by members of the NEC, state Chairmen, Secretaries and other stakeholders of the Party.

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