Date: Thursday 27th January 2022

COME EASY, GO EASY . . . Zamfara’s PDP Governor Bello Matawalle leaves as he came
Come easy, go easy 
. . . Zamfara’s PDP Governor Bello Matawalle leaves as he came; and how Buhari‘s APC won’t save him 

by Kabiru M. Gwangwazo 
If is true that Bello Matawallen Maradun, who was dashed the post of PDP Governor of Zamfara State  by the Supreme Court has left the PDP for APC in the ruling central Government’s dying days, I must say it is such a bloody pity. 
It is clearly a gross and selfish display of ignorance. It would depict him as a very ignorant fellow, surrounded by a team of equally ignorant advisers.
The Governor and his advisers seem to have forgotten that the court, according to lawyers who analysed the case, gave the seat over to the next party, not person, with the highest votes. 
That said, it is obvious, it is not a PDP ticket but the ticket of the party with the highest votes.  
I wonder what egregious ignorance pushed this Governor, generally voted a performer makinh the differnce for Zamfara, a state known to have suffered the worst misrule among Nigerian states, since the return to elective civilian democracy in 1999.
Now that he has moved over to APC, if indeed he has, in flagrant and brazen disregard for Zamfara’s PDP voters who remained steadfast in PDP, refusing to cross over to the other party, then he should be ready to face his exit the same way he came in. Come easy, go easy is it! 
I am not a lawyer. I am a simple and humble politician and journalist, analysing happenings on the nation’s political firmament. 
But I expect the PDP will surely go to court and ask the court to retrieve its ticket. And the court once asked will certainly return the seat where it belongs - to the PDP. 
On the other hand, a worst case scenario is the seat will go further down to the next runner up Party, whichever it is. I hope it is PRP, my party.
This scenario is a very strong likelihood. More so, when we look at how the Nigerian Courts are now relishing the freedom of the independence they now have, granted by the very liberal democratic practise of President Buhari.  
As a Law and Order person, General Buhari is always disposed to playing by the book, unless he is ill-informed or misled. He does not usually interfere with how institutions of State operate, unlike previous Nigerian Presidents. Especially their father, Obasanjo probably the most renowned law breaker in office.
If the verdict of the Court that made Bello Matawalle Governor is to be believed, the ticket was a PDP ticket, not personal to Bello Matawalle who was a distant runner up in the 2019 General Elections. The utter selfishness of APC Governor Yari and the arrogance and folly of Zamfara’s leading politicians in APC led to the ”win” by APC being annuled in Court due to the party’s huge internal contradictions. That internal contradiction is apparently the nemesis of the APC. Universally. That, it will face without a Buhari in 2023, and without a Buhari type person to buoy it up. 
Political analysts will laugh when they look into the Crystal Ball to espie what 2023 will look like. 
General Buhari, despite all the bravado of the desperate party dons of APC, will from now on, only be looking out for Number One: BUHARI
He will be looking out for his place in Nigeria’s History Books. His place in the Pantheon of Nigeria’s rulers/leaders matters a lot to him. And he said so clearly in the interviews he gave on June 12,  to mark six years of his stewardship, as the most popular Nigerian President to truly “win” an election. 
In his June 12 interviews Buhari had begged Nigerians to be fair to him. He time and again referred to how he was doing his best to fulfil his pledges to the Nigerian voter, principally the three, he personally voiced while on the hustings: security; the economy and youth/women employment. 
If he stays true to type, General Buhari won’t soil his hands in judicial matters. 
He won’t do what his predecessor Jonathan was alleged to have done disrupting the judicial process, subverting the Courts to keep a Governor in office despite the facts of the law, simply because he had decamped to his political party. 
There was such turmoil in the judiciary due to that single interference, that it led to the head of one of the National Courts leaving his seat unceremoniously.
General Buhari needs to leave office as the most tolerant and democracy loving presidents if he is to join the club of ex-presidents of Nigeria who are now VIPs on the global diplomatic circuits. 
Despite many missteps they are on record to have had in power, Gowon, Obasanjo, Abdulsalami and Jonathan are now “respected” citizens of the world. 
That is a position Buhari must in his heart of hearts covet, if for nothing the facts of the health needs of a gerentocrat who has to keep regular dates with foreign doctors, in their hallowed foreign consultancies.
As such Zamfara’s outgoing PDP Governor shouldn’t expect any help from Buhari. 
Buhari’s name afterall won’t be on the ballot, as it was in 2019. In that year of national and universal disgrace to democracy, many sins were committed in his name. Unfortunately, that was tolerated due to the poorly presence of alternatives on the ballot. And one is not only talking about the brazen Gama and Police Chief Singham debacle of Kano. Or the many tales of huge sums of money ferried about to compromise elections in many states. 
Much as I believe Matawalle as Governor is a goner, so long as it is confirmed he’s left PDP for APC. He is an ex-Governor, for all the facts at play. 
It is obvious, this simple unraveling Zamfara plot of Bello Matawalle, PDP, APC, the Courts and others, is one test case that will suggest how 2023 is likely to happen.
And how other political parties need to prepare to ensure what happens now favours them.

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COME EASY, GO EASY . . . Zamfara’s PDP Governor Bello Matawalle leaves as he came
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